About Schokman - High Quality Construction Specialists
About Schokman - High Quality Construction Specialists
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About Schokman

Established in 2008, Schokman Pty Ltd is a high-quality construction partner specialising in telecommunication network construction, augmentation and operations. Our workforce consists of engineering, construction, logistics and project management professionals dedicated to supporting our client’s needs and completing projects with high levels of excellence and proficiency.

Our Core Values

Our core values and commitments ensure that you will notice differences in the way we work. When working with us, it is important to know that we value our customers and are committed to delivering projects on time, safely, efficiently and within budget.

We Value Our Work

Here at Schokman, we are an advocate for work ethic. The stronger the work ethic the stronger the outcome. We are committed to completing projects on time and within budget, without sacrificing the quality of work and service that sets us apart from competitors.


We are dedicated to quality and strive to uphold high standards of work. We hold ourselves accountable to these high standards with every task we undertake; no matter how large or small.


Respect is the underlying foundation of everything we do. We believe that by treating our people and our work with respect, we cultivate a culture that fosters service and productivity excellence. More importantly, it allows us to provide clients with the exemplary experience that we pride ourselves on.

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Safety is not just part of our culture; we live and breathe safety. We practice and prioritise safety and are committed to upholding high standards both on site and off.

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Schokman is ISO accredited for Quality, Environment, Healthy & Safety certification.

ISO Accreditation